Finding Great Electricians

Finding Great Electricians

Computer Router And Wifi Malfunctions: Electrical Repairs You Can Do

Lucy Garza

Internet service providers charge you a fee if they send a repair technician to check your router. These technicians are often electricians with extra training in internet wiring and devices, which is why you are charged a fee. Many of the things that go wrong with the router and the electricity related to the router are things you could fix yourself. Then you could save the fee for something else.

Check the Plug

With pets and kids in the house, you would be surprised how often the router comes unplugged. Since the adults in the house assume something more serious is wrong, they miss checking the plug in the outlet. If your router plug is in the outlet, check the cord to see if a pet decided to chew it.

Check the Outlet and the Fuse Box

You should also check the power in the outlet by plugging something else into it that you know works. If that item does not work plugged into the same outlet, then the problem is with the outlet. Check your fuse box next to make sure this particular outlet has not blown a fuse. Flip the fuse switch if it was blown. This should fix the problem.

Check the Cord at the Back of the Router

All routers and modems have cords that plug into the back of the device. If the plug was plugged into the wall, check the back of the device, too. Plug it back in if it is out, and wait to see what happens.

Shorts in the Cord

If the power on your router is intermittent, carefully lie the cord along its length and watch the front of the router. The minute you find a spot in the cord that causes the power light on the router to blink in and out, you have found a short in the cord. You will need to contact your internet provider and request a replacement cord.

Reboot the Router

When all of the above checks out, reboot the router. It may just need to reload its operational system. If you are still having problems, and you have checked every possible electrical aspect of your router, call the provider.

Explain the Problem to the Provider and Request an Electrician/Technician

Explain to them every step you took to fix the problem and request an electrician/technician. The electrician/technician can examine the electrical wires outside and the cables that connect your internet service to your home. Quite often, if you have had a recent storm in the area, the problem is electrical after all, and you will not have to pay the fee.

Contact a local electrical repair service for more information and assistance. 


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