Finding Great Electricians

Finding Great Electricians

3 Tips For Passing Your Electrician's Exam

Lucy Garza

After you complete your internship and training, you still need to pass your electrician's exam before you can become a licensed electrician. Make sure you are prepared for your electrician's exam by following the three steps below.

#1 Make Sure You Know The National Electrical Code

One of the most important pieces of information you need to know before you take your electrician's exam is the National Electrical Code. You need to understand the organizational layout of the code as you should be able to use the code as a resource during the exam.

Practice finding information within the National Electrical Code. The more you practice finding information within the code, the easier it will be for you to do during your exam. Don't just learn how to navigate the National Electrical Code. Take the time to read the entire book, so you know where to find specific information and details.

#2 Practice Making Code Calculations

You need to make sure that you practice making code calculations. During the exam, you are going to be asked to make a lot of calculations based on different scenarios. Practicing making these calculations will make them second nature when it is time for you to take your exam.

Practicing the code calculations will also allow you to see what code calculations you are not that strong at. This will allow you to tailor your study time so you learn how to do calculations for areas you are not that strong with.

Knowing which calculations you can do quickly and which will take you more time to complete will also help you on your test. You can skip to the questions that you are best at and do those first. That way, you will be able to budget your time on your test, so you have more time to do the more complex calculations.

#3 Practice On The Computer

When you take your test, it is going to be on a computer. It will not be a paper and pencil test. You should be provided with scrap paper to perform calculations on, but the actual test will be on the computer. Make sure that you take some practice tests online. This will get you familiar with test taking on a computer. It is a little different than taking a test with paper, where you can cross out items, circle items, and highlight information as you go. Taking practice tests online will help you develop strategies for taking the actual test.

Before your electrical exam, familiarize yourself with the National Electrical Code, practice performing electrical calculations, and take practice tests online to get used to a computer test taking environment. Once you do pass, make sure you look into an electrical contractor license extension and stay up to date on new information.


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