Finding Great Electricians

Finding Great Electricians

Useful Advice For Lighting Up The Basement

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The lighting needs of the basement are markedly different from the lighting needs of other rooms. Therefore, if you want to install lighting fixtures in your basement, you need a different approach to that you would use when wiring an upper room. Keep these five tips in mind so that your basement-lighting plans don't go awry:

Plan with the Main Use of the Basement in Mind

People finish their basements for a different reason. You can turn your basement into an extra storage place, an extra living place or as a home gym. Know what your main plans for the basement are so that they can install the best lighting for them. For example, if you want to use your basement as a workshop, you need to install lights to illuminate the workbench effectively. Note that floor heating should only be installed by a professional.

Know that You Will Need More Lights

Basements tend to be dark, darker than main rooms. If that is the case with your basement, then know that you will probably need more lighting fixtures in your basement than you would need for a conventional room of similar size. In fact, it's wise to overestimate the number and brightness of bulbs needed; install dimmers so that you can set the brightness as desired.

Make Use of the Beams

Your basement probably has support beams running from one end of the basement to another; most basements do. If that is the case, then you can make use of the beams to run your basement lighting. In fact, this is a cost-effective way of lighting up the basement because you cont incur extra cost for extra framing.

Install Outlets above the Floor

Basements tend to be moist and they are also the first rooms to experience water issues in case of flooding. Keep this in mind while planning fancy floor lights for your basement. Ideally, the outlets or fixtures should be located well above the floor so that they don't become victims of water damage.

Make Use of Recessed Lights

If your basement isn't too roomy, which is the case with many basements, then you probably don't want to waste space with ubiquitous light fixtures. You need something that will take as little room as possible. Recessed lights perfectly fit this description; they are particularly suitable for short ceilings.

As is usual with these electrical issues, you are better off dealing with a professional contractor. Such electrical projects aren't safe enough to be handled by novices or treated as DIY issues.

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