Finding Great Electricians

Finding Great Electricians

3 Front Porch Upgrades Ideal for Enjoying Autumn Months

Lucy Garza

If you have a front porch on your home, then there are a lot of times throughout the year where you can sit out there, relax, and enjoy the views of your neighborhood. One of the best seasons for this is autumn. There is so much happening during these months and it's a great time to spend many days and nights on the porch.

To help make the porch as optimal as possible, you may want to consider a variety of electrical upgrades. These upgrades can enhance the way you use the porch, provide more comfort, and really expand your use of the area. Learn about three different electrical upgrades and how they can be really beneficial to your porch area.

Exterior Outlets

If there are no exterior outlets installed on your front porch, then an electrician has the ability to upgrade this area. Adding outlets for autumn comes with numerous benefits. If you like to use and enjoy your phone or other device, you do not have to worry about battery levels when they can be plugged right in. This is also the case for all types of music that you want to listen to on the porch. Radios, docking stations, and small speakers can all be plugged right into the porch.

Porch outlet installations are also ideal for holiday celebrations. Around Halloween, the outlets can be used for various decorations like animated monsters, fog machines, or moody lights. Once the Christmas season starts, you can use the outlets to string lights around your porch and have a nice festive appearance while you enjoy the area. An electrician can help you pick the ideal location for all of the outlets and ensure that they are placed properly.

Extra Lighting Options

In early November, Daylight savings time ends for the United States and this can lead to very dark evenings at earlier times. Instead of limiting the time you have available on your porch or sitting in shaded areas, an electrician can install all types of different lighting upgrades. Recessed lighting can be installed in the roof of the porch so that it does not take up any extra space in the area. A dimmer switch can provide you with different lighting options depending on how bright or dark you need it.

A light can also be placed on the edge of the porch so that it shines into your yard. This will help add more illumination and allow you to see outwards much easier. Along with switches, lighting remotes or Wi-Fi connections can provide you with easy access to various settings. If you prefer, the lights can also be installed on sensors and automatically turn on anytime that movement is detected.

Ceiling Mounted Patio Heaters

Like most seasons, Autumn weather can be unpredictable. In many cases, a cozy sweater or hoody can typically provide the warmth needed to enjoy the cool autumn air, but sometimes the chill can become a little too much. When this is the case, an electrician can help with the installation of a ceiling mounted patio heater. These heaters are wired and installed directly above the porch area. This means that when you're sitting on the porch, the heat and distributed right down to you, providing a little extra warmth.

These patio heaters are great for reading outside on a cool and brisk day. You can really extend your time out on the porch with this installation. If it is raining outside of the porch, you can still enjoy the warmth while staying dry underneath the covered area.

An services like Sun Coast Electric & Networking Inc can do an inspection of your porch to determine the best installation areas and provide estimates for a number of these upgrades.


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