Finding Great Electricians

Finding Great Electricians

Getting New Computers And Electronics? Consult An Electrician First

Lucy Garza

2017 brings in a lot of new technology to homes and businesses. AMD has delivered the new Ryzen processor architecture with many new models, DDR4 memory is becoming an increasingly more important part of new computer building, and 4K televisions and monitors are becoming more affordable. This is a great year to buy new tech, but you need to make sure your investment won't become a burnt, shorted out, or corrupted pile of plastic after a power failure. Some things you can't control, but here are a few things to bring to an electrician's attention before buying new tech.

Electrical Failure And Modern Electronics

Many new electronics are computer based, and not just the loose computer definition of "a thing that computes"--this isn't about a calculator or an abacus. The desktop, laptop, and tablet computers that run on Windows and Mac have been miniaturized beyond just being smartphones; your televisions, copiers, and even some appliances may be running a computer operating system.

This allows a lot of great, custom features, but they can fail in critical ways. Modern computers running on Linux or Unix-based operating systems (including Windows and Mac) have a lot of files that are saved and loaded to represent the very existence of a system. When the power goes out unexpectedly, there's an extremely rare chance that the outage could damage the identifying and functional files in a computer.

The bigger problem is that rapid power outages lead to increasing chances for failure. In addition to file failure, the constant on and off states can damage the electrical traces inside the systems.

An Electrician Can Deliver Detailed Fixes

Ask an electrician to perform an inspection for your building's wiring. The electrician can look for any frayed or otherwise damaged wiring and provide either a small area fix or replacement, replace entire walls of wires, or renovate the entire building's wiring layout.

It all depends on how many parts of the wiring is damaged, as well as your budget. Some buildings can even get away with a few small repairs over time if you don't want to pay for a full rebuild, allowing you to fix up the areas with expensive electronics while putting off basic lighting and other electrical connections for later.

In addition to wiring repairs, and electrician can add additional outlets. If you're setting up a home office or separate business, an electrician can divide the electrical layout and add another service meter, allowing you to add a separate power company account.

Contact an electrician and discuss your home's wiring, as well as enhanced electrical services and accessories to keep your electronics safe and efficient. You can also visit websites like


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