Finding Great Electricians

Finding Great Electricians

Why An LED Ceiling Fan Is Beneficial For Those Interested In Efficiency

Lucy Garza

Cooling down a home or an office building is typically essential during the hottest days of the summer. However, air conditioners can be very inefficient and cost a person a lot of money. Those who are looking to decrease their environmental footprint and create a more efficient cooling situation should consider an LED ceiling fan:

Air Conditioners Can Lose Efficiency

Air conditioner units are large energy hogs that are very inefficient when compared to a ceiling fan. However, they are particularly problematic when they run into problems such as inconsistent cycling, a buildup of ice, and freon leaks. These problems are common and simply don't occur in a ceiling fan because of their design. As a result, it is vital to consider the nature of one of these units before adding them to a home.

Ceiling Fans Are More Efficient

Running a ceiling fan takes a fraction of the electrify of an air conditioning unit. In fact, switching to one can save a person up to 40 percent on their energy bill. This improvement jumps up to 60 percent if a person installs an Energy Star fan.

While a fan doesn't literally make a room cooler, it will promote sweat evaporation and make a person more comfortable. It also moves stale air and increases airflow in a way that makes a room more comfortable in difficult heat situations.

LED Lights Are Also Efficient

Those who are interested in efficient home cooling and lighting do well to buy an LED ceiling fan. Their light bulbs are designed to have an 85 percent efficiency rating. This rating means that 85 percent of their energy is turned to light, rather than heat. As a result, a person not only increases their home's energy efficiency but avoids extra heat from incandescent light bulbs.

Cooling A Home With A Conditioner

An LED ceiling fan is a great way to move cool air in a home but won't cool a home as much as an air conditioner. To improve its cooling abilities, it is important to:

  • Avoid running the stove or other sources of unwanted heat
  • Insulate a home and keeping the windows closed
  • Remove inefficient home appliances
  • Shade window areas with blinds or trees

These major benefits highlight why an LED ceiling fan is a great addition to any home. Even if it can't create the kind of chilly atmosphere achievable with an air conditioning unit, it can keep a home well-ventilated, cooler, and lit for a fraction of the energy costs.

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