Finding Great Electricians

Finding Great Electricians

Four Potential Problems With Recessed Lights

Lucy Garza

Recessed lights have many benefits. For example, they make rooms feel bigger and they can also be used to highlight specific fixtures or decorations in a house. Unfortunately, recessed lights also have some potential problems, such as these four:

Energy Issues

Recessed lights aren't energy efficient; they waste energy. This happens because, in a typical recessed light installation, part of the ceiling has to go without insulation. This allows conditioned air to escape out of your house, and the escape is substantial if you have a number of recessed lights installed. The escaping conditioned air has to be replaced with another volume conditioned air, which means your air conditioner (AC) has to work extra hard to meet the demand. The result is reduced energy efficiency.

Heating Issues

Electrical appliances generate some heat when they are running, and your recessed lights are no exception. This heat needs to be dissipated in some way, and the dissipation is usually encouraged via efficient air circulation. Due to the nature of recessed lights, however, air circulation is hampered and the heat generated by the lights tends to accumulate within the recessions. Add this to the fact that heated air rises, and the rising air will also try to escape via the uninsulated spaces around the recessions. The result is a heated part of the roof above the recessed lights, which encourages snow and ice to melt over the roof and contribute to ice dam formation.

Pest Infestation

The recessions in which the lights are installed are perfect hiding places for bugs and insects. Add this to the fact that many kinds of bugs have a natural attraction to light, and your installation of recessed lights can usher in a reign of terror in the form of pest infestation.

Huge Number Needed

Recessed lights are directional, and this means each recessed light fixture only lights up a small space in your room. This means you need lots and lots of recessed light fixtures to illuminate a sizable room. Apart from the costs of installing multiple lights, the huge number of fixtures needed also means the three problems discussed above will be multiplied by the number of lights installed.

This doesn't mean that you should steer clear of recessed lights; it just means that you need to be aware of their pros and cons before installation. The good news is that there are workarounds to these problems, just consult an experienced electrician like those at ALPHA OMEGA ELECTRIC. An electrician can also advise you on how to enjoy the benefits associated with recessed lights without installing them.


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