Finding Great Electricians

Finding Great Electricians

Backup Electrical Systems For Tech Businesses

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With every economic downturn comes an eventual opportunity to adapt, rebuilt, and shape a new path of success. Many tech businesses after the dot-com bubble are still able to achieve significant success compared to their peers outside of the tech industry, but becoming too successful too quickly can lead to missing some vital planning point--especially emergency planning. Here are a few emergency electrical options to keep your business efficient and recoverable in an emergency.

Emergency Situation Risks

There are two major reasons for backup power: continued electricity in emergencies and a way to experiment with alternative energy.

For most businesses, the major electrical risks outside of paying their bill are natural disasters. When an electrical storm enters the area or a hurricane destroys local infrastructure, it may not matter how great your business is or how much money you spend on utilities since the power company may be in the same situation as you.

Unfortunately, surrendering to the elements is not a luxury of the successful and ambitious for too long. A time to collect your thoughts is necessary, but you need to have contingency plans for emergency operations. This means either a plan for continuing operations into the danger while ensuring a swift restoration, or a plan that keeps your investment safe while everyone stays home.

Backup Power Options

One crucial part of emergency planning is the backup generator. Diesel-powered generators are a mainstay of emergency operations, military bases, and companies that need to seek as close to 100% up-time no matter what. You'll need an electrical team to assess the electrical layout of the existing building to figure out a way to provide power, and it's not always as simple as putting a splitter on the power company's supply.

As far as alternative energy, solar and wind power are two options that are on the verge of becoming a main power source. A commercial electrical team can help you find solar panels and battery storage options that can match your downtime needs, whether you want a day of extra power or a few days while figuring out how to get power company connectivity going again.

Main power source options for solar and wind farm energy are different and require more extensive planning. They don't necessarily need to operate on their own, as some solar power layouts involve simply reducing the amount of money you spend on utility bills or selling back a certain amount of power to the power utility. Contact a commercial electrician, such as from Theco, to discuss your emergency power planning needs.


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