Finding Great Electricians

Finding Great Electricians

Electrical Safety Tips For Industrial Environments

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In an industrial environment, there are many dangers present. However, one of the more prominent ones is electrocution. A scary thing about this danger is that the threat is often concealed and a person isn't made aware of the risk until it's too late. Whether you're a facility operator, owner or safety manager, it's important that you understand what key steps you can take to ensure everyone stays safe.

Maintain Labels

An excellent way to keep everyone on site safe is to ensure everything is labeled. When an electrical danger, such as a high-voltage line, is not properly labeled, the likelihood of a team member making contact is extremely high, posing a serious safety risk. It's a good idea to task the safety manager or a supervisor with the responsibility of ensuring all warning signs are visible and legible to all team members.

Perform Routine Inspections

It's also an excellent idea to make routine inspections a regular part of your safety regimen. Inspections are an excellent way to highlight threats that may have been overlooked. As part of the inspection process, you should have an industrial electrician examine your equipment in-depth, routinely, such as once a year. You can also have a supervisor or safety manager inspect the equipment on a more frequent basis, such as once a month.  

Repair Malfunctions Promptly

If any of your equipment is not operating correctly, it is imperative that you have any necessary repairs performed promptly as this can create a safety hazard. For instance, if the electric motor inside a piece of equipment is not functioning correctly, this could cause it to short. A short could lead to an internal electrical fire and in some instances, it could even lead to electrocution. Whenever your equipment is not functioning properly, ensure you are having repairs performed.

Train Staff

Lastly, ensure everyone on your team is properly trained. When team members are not trained to handle the equipment properly, they are more likely to make a mistake; a mistake that puts their safety in jeopardy. Ensure that each employee is trained at their on-boarding and consider ongoing training, such as an annual mandatory refresher course.

When you put a focus on safety within your facility, you can increase productivity, ensure your employees are on task and most importantly, safe. An industrial electrician, such as from Brian Thornton Sons Electric, can partner with you to identity safety risks and improve conditions within your facility. 


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