Finding Great Electricians

Finding Great Electricians

Don't Make These Mistakes When Securing Electrical Wires

Lucy Garza

Electrical wires need to be kept in place. Otherwise, they are more likely to be chewed upon by pests and they are also more likely to become loose. However, while you are securing your electrical wires, there is a risk that you will cause damage to these wires or you may even fail to secure the wires at all. 

Don't Make The Wire Straps Too Tight

When installing wiring, it is important to use wire straps. These will keep the electrical wires in place. These consist of two nails with a plastic cover. While these straps should keep the wires in place, they should not be too tight because they may pinch the wires. This can cause damage and can potentially cause an electrical fire. At the same time, they need to be tight enough that the wires are not pinched when the drywall is installed. 

Don't Overstuff The Electrical Boxes

Make sure that the boxes are not filled with too many wires. When a box is overstuffed, this can increase the risk of an electrical fire. The wires generate heat. If there are too many wires placed in the box, there will not be enough airflow to cool the wires. The combined heat can melt the insulation on the wires and can increase the risk of a fire starting. While electrical box fires are uncommon, you may have damaged wires and electrical problems, including melted dimmers. The more wires you have, the larger your box needs to be.

Make Sure The Wires Aren't Loose

Make sure that there are no loose wires because these can cause fires or electrical shocks. Don't wrap a wire around a conductor for a connection that is unstable. Inspect the panel and make sure that the neutral and breaker connections are tight. If the neutral has a loose connection, this can lead to the circuit and fuse heating up and can cause damage to the circuit. Both the neutral and the breaker connections will have a lower load capacity if they are loose and this will increase the risk that they will heat up, which can cause damage or a fire. 

Hire An Electrician When In Doubt

If you are having a difficult time performing your own electrical work, that is understanding. Electrical work can be tricky and dangerous. Ideally, you should hire an electrician to have all of your residential electrical work performed. 


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